About the Quaintrelle Ambassador Program

Quaintrelle Boudoir Ambassador Program

Quaintrelle Boudoir Ambassador Program

What is a Quaintrelle Boudoir Ambassador?

A Boudoir Ambassador is a woman that specifically was chosen to represent Quaintrelle Boudoir for the year. I am looking for 4-5 Ambassadors for 2022.

Those that are chosen receive shoots and images in exchange for promoting my brand.

Quaintrelle Boudoir looks for women that are body positive, encouraging, and support boudoir.

I look for women that live in different areas, women that are outgoing, and don't mind talking about their photos with other women. You must sign a model release to be an ambassador and must be willing to promote my brand. You also agree not to have any boudoir photos taken with any other photographer for the year you are an ambassador.

The year runs from February 2022 to end of January 2023

Please Read Before Applying

Here's how the Ambassador Program works:

There's a $300 fee to be in the program for the 2022 year. This fee covers a small portion time spent on computer/paperwork, events and photo sessions and such. You will need to apply for the program as I am specifically looking for diverse women. I'd love to choose you all but can only have a few Ambassadors per year! I pay attention to location, look and positivity. Only positive and empowering women are allowed to represent Quaintrelle Boudoir. I look for women who have a decent social media presence, are outgoing and will post their photos on their social media, women who live in different areas and have different social groups. I also ask that the Ambassadors are active or become active in the Quaintrelle Boudoir VIP group, creating their own posts, commenting and engaging with posts.

I prefer a little diversity in the women I choose. And I choose women who are willing to share their photos!

What do you get for being in the Ambassador Program?

You get 2 personal shoots throughout the year. Your second shoot needs to be completed by November 2022. On occasion I need models for a new set or one of my creative ideas, and I pull from the ambassadors for those extra shoots as needed. So, sometimes you may get an extra shoot.

With each ambassador shoot you get 20 free digitals. For the group shoot you will receive 5 digital images. You also get an app for your phone with your images. Between the two shoots, a group shoot, digitals and the app there is a combined value of at least $4,400!!!! All for just $300.

You must sign a full model release to be an ambassador. I promise to only post amazing pictures and if you know my work you know they will be classy. You also agree to not shoot boudoir with any other photographer for 2022.

Throughout the year we will also have a couple of get togethers to get to know each other. We also discuss ways to bring in more clients and help get my business name out there. We will have wine, soft drinks, snacks and have some laughs :). I host several ladies events throughout the year and highly encourage the ambassadors to participate in those. (Due to Covid, this will be determined as we go along). There's always at least 1 opportunity for a group shoot as well.

Please know that Quaintrelle Boudoir's studio is located in Stayton, OR and all shoots will take place there. Your individual ambassador sessions will take place M-F mid day, so please only apply if you are available to take a day off work or have flexibility in your schedule. Group shoots typically take place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

If you are still interested in being an ambassador after reading up to this point, fill out the application below!

In addition, please email me a photo of yourself to sonja@quaintrelleboudoir.

The picture is only to help me with ensuring that I have diversity in my Brand Ambassadors!

Please don't forget that step

I'm so excited for all that 2022 will bring for Quaintrelle Boudoir!