The beautiful Athena scheduled her session back in May 2021 and after some minor detour, finally came in for her Session in September 2022.

Athena was referred to Quaintrelle Boudoir by her friend, Kim and she thought that Boudoir was sensual photos, done tastefully.

Athena had a lot of obstacles and fears to overcome before coming for her session. She said that she is a BBW and tall and also had a bad self-image. She wanted to do a session to feel better about her body and gain a better self-image. Before her session she felt very nervous and unsure.

All that nervousness and uncertainty fell away during her session, and she started to feel comfortable and had fun, even laughing at some of my lame jokes.

When it came time to see her images the same day, she could not believe that it was her in those photos. She was looking at her photos with a positive attitude and not judging her body in a negative light.

When I asked her what she would say to someone considering booking a session with Quaintrelle Boudoir she said this:

" It is fun, it is life changing and most of all it will give you a completely positive outlook on your-self image. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. You will not regret it. Josalynn and Sonja are amazing women who will make you feel like a Queen, Goddess, Gypsy, Mermaid or anything else you want to be."

YAASSS QUEEN! That's why we do what we do!!