The super short and easy answer to this question is no- you technically don't.

However 99.9% of our clients do utilize our hair and makeup professional for their session.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to attend with a bare face and natural hair if that is what you feel the most confident in!

However, the reason why we include hair and makeup in our session fee is because we use a professional hair and makeup artist, Jossalynn who not only know how to apply gorgeous makeup but also knows how much to use. 

It's definitely important to remember and acknowledge that you will have photos taken with a professional high-definition camera. This means that normally your everyday go to makeup would probably feel a little washed out or even non-existent behind our lens.

Our amazing hair and makeup artist is trained specifically for on camera looks. This means they know just the right amount to use so that your skin can look flawless even before we do any sort of retouching. That's the power of makeup and amazing lighting!

Since our experience is so customized you'll have a chance to hang out with our hair and makeup professional the day of your session and through the process you'll make your own decisions on how you want your look to turn out.

You could choose something that is still very natural with just a pop of glam and while it may feel a little heavier than your everyday makeup you'll definitely notice once on camera that it is perfect!

Jossalynn will allow you to choose colors, gloss versus matte, and even the style eyelashes that you want to wear to really accentuate your eye shape! 

Aren’t you excited to get pampered for the day?