Katie's Boudoir Session at Quaintrelle Boudoir

Quaintrelle Boudoir Queen Katie

Katie ~ Quaintrelle Boudoir ~ Boudoir Session

Katie's Story

4 years ago, I owned a bar I was social I was a single mom of 4 amazing kids.

I was then diagnosed with multiple brain tumors; I met a man who still to this day has my back and is my rock. I had to stop working I was in a lot of pain. They found out that I had silicone going through my system from my breast implants which were also filled with mold.

They removed my implants and all breast tissue but left the breast skin sacs for the future in case I wanted fat transfer. Eight days later I went in for my first brain surgery which removed a tumor on my pituitary gland, three months later I had another brain surgery to attempt to remove a tumor in the center of my brain, only 5 drs in the world perform this surgery, I had. 20% chance of not having a stroke on the table and only 60% of people survive the surgery.

I survived they hit my optic nerves so now I wear glasses to make my eyes see straight, I have no chest and many many scars. I have crippling anxiety to the point of leaving my house I go into panic attacks, and I’m not supposed to be alone. Since the last brain surgery, which was unsuccessful, I have been diagnosed with MS and am now in the throes of being diagnosed with Narcolepsy.

I have gained a lot of weight, and am just not comfortable in my skin, so I have stayed away from all photos

The Session

I have an amazing friend in Sonja, and she encouraged me, I know I wouldn’t have done it if it was anyone else. Sonja has brought so much to my life, and I will be eternally grateful. Trust me Queens having her as a photographer is amazing, so I suggest not waiting!

I am lucky enough to call Sonja one of my best friends!!! She will show you the amazing things to focus on rather than dwell on the “flaws”!!!

Remember when we are criticizing ourselves someone is loving what we “hate”!!! Much love to all Queens