Kelsey booked her session back in March 2022 and really wanted to do this session foremost for herself, and also to share with her husband.

 Kelsey works in the healthcare field (mostly taking care of Veterans) and she is also a Paparazzi jewelry bling slinger! She first heard about Quaintrelle Boudoir from a friend that added her to the FB VIP group. Before she joined the group, she thought that Boudoir was all about taking naked pictures for someone else.

Kelsey says that the culture Quaintrelle Boudoir created within the Facebook group brought her comfort and confidence. She discovered Boudoir photo shoots are not about just getting naked and taking photos for someone else. It’s about empowering yourself.

Before her session she felt so very nervous and anxious with a bit of fear mixed in there.

During her session she says that it was emotionally powerful and eye opening and she felt that it was WAY different than she thought it would be. It was fun, uplifting, encouraging and BEAUTIFUL!

After her session she was more accepting of her body and now sees the beauty her husband sees and loves. She also discovered a part of herself that has been missing for so long. She discovered a SELF LOVE.

When I asked her why she would suggest anyone else book a session with Quaintrelle Boudoir, she said this:

"Sonja has lived and has an eye like no other photographer I have ever worked with (family photos, wedding etc). She goes at your pace and respects your views and feelings about yourself, but pushes you to see the beauty in every curve. She empowers you to LOVE without fear"
"You have all the CONTROL before, during and after your photoshoot. Sonja is respectful of your wishes and communicates really well throughout the process"


Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to see you back at the Studio!!!