The beautiful Kim recently came to the Quaintrelle Studio for her second shoot! From the time of her first session, back in March 2021 she had some life transitions, having gone from fighting the young woman she had been into moving and embracing the next stage in life. So, for a second time Kim put her trust in me and my capabilities as a photographer.

During her session we laughed so much, that it took a minute or two for me to recover so I could hold my camera steady. Having my client's laugh at my often-dumb remarks, creates beautiful and authentic photos that show their beautiful smiles and radiates joy, one of my favorites to catch during a shoot.

When Kim saw her images for the first time on the TV screen, she said she felt Victorious and that it was exactly what she had hoped to capture.

When I asked her if anything changed about the way she saw herself after the session she said this:

"It assisted me in realizing that there is true beauty and power in the "crone" stage. Admittedly I'm still early in it, but so many women never get to experience that, whether it is because they didn't get the opportunity, or because they never feel safe to do so because of social standards. Thank you for capturing this so well."


Kim chose a Collection that included a 8x8 album and wall art! After receiving her products I asked her what she thought about her finished product and she shared this:

"The product is such great quality, and so classy. I've never had professional pictures in such good quality."


Thank you for sharing your experience, Kim! On a side note, Kim recently purchased a super awesome jeep, something that she had on her vision board for 2022 and besides being a fabulous statement to the power of manifesting, I was super excited to know that she named her jeep "Quaintrelle"! YEEESS QUEEN!