"Pay Your Year Special"

This Sale will only last until Wednesday at midnight, or until all dates are sold out!

Please read the entire post before completing the form!

Please do not contact me for any other dates. What is listed is what is available for this special.

At some point before the session, I will confirm your year of birth, so please don't cheat. You have to be 21+ for a session at my studio


The session fee will cost the last 2 digits of your year of birth (I was born in 1966, so my session fee would be $66) If you were born in 2000, your session fee will be $100 (I've got bills to pay too LOL), year 2001, your session fee will be $101.

The Session fee is usually $400.


  • Professional Hair & Make up with lashes
  • Access to the QB Client closet
  • Up to 3 outfit changes
  • Professional posing and coaching
  • Professional retouching of all final images
  • Same Day Image reveal


  • If you choose a pre-payment plan to make payments on your collection, you'll also receive your last two digits of your year of birth off a Collection. So, since I was born in 1966 my session fee would be $66 and if I chose a pre-payment plan for my collection, I would also receive $66 off a collection.

Albums/Products START AT $1500. Most clients invest on average $2500, some invest less and some more.

Pre-payment session plans are available, and sessions can be booked out to September 2022


Complete the form below with your selected date!

If your first date is no longer available, your 2nd choice date will be reserved for you and your card will be charged for your date!

If you do not choose a 2nd date and your first choice date is already booked, you will not be contacted for a 2nd choice date and will loose your chance at selecting a back up date.

The "Pay your Year Special' is not refundable, so please be sure you have chosen dates that really will work for you and that you are truly ready for a full day of self-love, pampering and fun!

Its first come, first serve! Once a date is filled, its gone!

June dates

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June 18th

June 24th

July dates

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September /October dates

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October 7th

October 8th BOOKED

"I was blown away by my photos, I could not believe that it was me. I walked away from this shoot feeling a renewed sense of myself and like a bad ass"

—Ms. Tracy